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The Kenshin Page
This is the place to be if all you care about or want toknow about is Kenshin of the Ninurai. Yeah maybe there is some more stuff about the Ninurai and it's members but mostly devoted to the one and only, dead sexy,
What's New???
Well as of 1-27-03 at 12:58 am, the official Kenshin Page is up, go ahead, find out what all there is to find out, see what mysteries there are in this crazy killer's mind. No matter how hard you try, some things you just won't understand.
Welcome To My Home Page
Well just so much happening that it is hard to get everything down and uploaded, still so many plans for the Ninurai site, movie plans in production, pictures getting organized, that just some of this site, and each site can't possible be completed as soon as it is up, please be patient, it will come, and when it does, just be ready. For all that awaits just might be too much for some.

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yeah this hurt a little
burn in hell bastard
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Kenshin, just too cool